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Hotel Granite Peak is situated near Sukrain Bain which is only 3 km from Banikhet towards Chamba. Our staff will serves you the best when it comes to visit Dalhousie for spending vacations or any other purposes, Dalhousie is one of the most beautiful hill station of Chamba, himahcal Pradesh, where we help travellers to stay in the most stylish and exotic rooms with us.

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Planning for holiday? Dalhousie is a perfect hill destination for your vacation. Our hospitality services will help you to manage your tour safe and comfortable. The Rooms we offer for you will accommodate you and your friends and family with comfort. Dalhousie is really one of the most executing and charming tourist destinations to enjoy during vacation and Hotel Granite Peak which is one of the best hotels that you must visit with your family.

Here in Dalhousie you will find a numbers of incredible and interesting parks, mountainsides, and historical places and so on. Apart from these the mind-blowing city has a unique feature of having amazing weather round the year and if you are planning to visit Dalhousie in vacations or for any other reason then we are the right choice as your host.

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